Stock Benchtops (Blanks)

Benchtops Now!

Stock Benchtops ready to go now. Or Cut, Joined & Edged in 1-2 days

Can’t wait 10 days for a custom top? Stock Benchtops (also known as Blanks) are pre-made lengths of benchtop in the most popular width and profile combinations. The stock tops are held in lengths of 3600mm and 1800mm. Widths are standard 600mm postformed on one side.

The benchtops can be despatched same day in full lengths for you to finish. Or you can make use of our finishing services for cutting, joining, edging and sink/stove cutouts and have a complete benchtop ready for you to assemble & install in 1-2 days!

Available Colours

Stock Benchtops with Standard 10mm D profile. Black Pearl Benchtop has optional edge attached.

Edge Profile

Our Stock Benchtops are made with a standard 10mm D profile along one edge (for 600mm benchtops) or two edges (900mm benchtops). The ends are bare particleboard, edge strip is provided for finishing.

Stock Benchtops Price List

Length (mm) Width (mm) Postformed Edge Price (ex-GST) Price (Inc GST)
3660 600 One Long Side $240 $264
1800 600 One Long Side $130 $143

Finishing Services for Stock Benchtops

Service Price (ex-GST) Price (Inc GST)
Cut to Length 1st Cut Free 1st Cut Free (then $5ea)
Mason's Mitre Join (bolts provided) $50 $55
Attach Edge Strip (Glue & Finish) $20 $22
Sink/Stove Cutouts $55 $55